“Nayuta” represents an extremely large quantity, close to infinity.  It comes from a Sanskrit word that means “fully comprehensive”.

We wish various artists, creators and viewers meet at our gallery through art, so that dots and lines of senses freely cross and resonate.

In the word “nayuta” we see such an image of our gallery that it will sparkle like the universe full of constellations.  The door of Nayuta is always open to you.


 「ナユタ」は きわめて大きな数量、無限大の手前。サンスクリット語で“全てのものを含んだ”の意味。



 Gallery Nayuta is Open Today  本日開廊です 

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 半谷 学展「開花室  ‐標本箱に咲く‐」


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